Speaker Date Topic
Deniz Aygen, Watchable Wildlife Biologist Jan 23, 2018
Bird by Bird Idaho: Bringing birds to classrooms and classrooms to birds
Amanda Kuznia, Technology Instructor Jan 30, 2018
Teaching Technology to Teachers in Boise!
Jeff Hull, Sr. Director of Arch/Constr St. Lukes Feb 13, 2018
What's the update on the construction for St. Luke's expansion?
Shawna Walz, ID Business for Education Mar 06, 2018
What are ID businesses doing to educate upcoming workforce?
Lynsey Juel, Project Coordinator Mar 20, 2018
ID Honoring Choices: what is this and how does it affect me??
Kurt Zwolfer, Exec Director, The Cabin Mar 27, 2018
What's new at the Cabin? What does it do for our community?