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Roland Springer, Snake River Area Manager Jul 24, 2018
Bureau of Reclamation and the Snake River: Day in the Life

Snake River Area Office

The Snake River Area Office (SRAO) is in Reclamation's Pacific Northwest Region and has its headquarters in Boise, Idaho. Roland Springer is the Area Manager, and he oversees all aspects of the management, development and protection of water and related resources in the Snake River drainage basin.

The Snake River Area Office has a staff of over 150 employees, and includes two field offices — the Middle Snake Field Officeand the Upper Snake Field Office. The Middle Snake Field Office, also located in Boise, manages projects in eastern Oregon and western Idaho. The Upper Snake Field Office, located in Heyburn, manages projects in eastern Idaho and western Wyoming.

Through the operation and maintenance of our 27 dams and six powerplants, the Snake River Area Office provides valuable services including delivery of water, generation of power, flood control prevention, and recreation opportunities. Reclamation also places great emphasis on continual compliance with the Endangered Species Act; looking to the future with our planning efforts; developing partnerships with our customers, states, and Native American tribes; and promoting public awareness through Water Conservation activities.

By encouraging partnerships, the Snake River Area Office can bring together a variety of interests in order to maximize the beneficial uses of the Snake River Basin’s limited water resources.

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