Speaker Date Topic
Anna Wulfsung Belt, Director Dunia Marketplace Mar 19, 2019
What's Dunia and what impact does it have on our community?
Newton Antoniuk, Technology Ed. Ambassador Mar 26, 2019
Panucation, Inc: What IS that??
Field Trip! Yanke Motor Museum Apr 02, 2019
A hidden gem of a museum!!

Meet at the Yanke Motor Museum:  1090 W Boeing St, Boise, ID 83705

We'll have our private showing!

Capt. Jerry McAdams, Wildfire Mitigation Specialis Apr 09, 2019
How can we protect our homes from wildfires??
Boise Metro Club Assembly! Apr 16, 2019
Let's meet, have lunch, catch up and take care of business!
Wyakin Warriors, Jenna McCollock, Volunteer Outrea Apr 23, 2019
What is Wyakin Warriors, and how do they affect our community?
Patti Perkins, Owner Calyx-Weaver & Associates Apr 30, 2019
Introduction to Emotional Intelligence and its impact on the workplace
Jamie Anderson, Colliers International Comm/Indus. May 07, 2019
Trends in Commercial and Industrial Real Estate
Diane Bevan, ID Hispanic Chamber of Commerce May 14, 2019
What impact does the Hispanic Chamber have on our community?
Anna Wulfsong Belt May 21, 2019
Dunia Marketplace: A Fairtrade Organization