Speaker Date Topic
Flex Rotary Meeting: TBD Sep 29, 2020
Carsona Macpherson-Krutsky, Conversation Expert Oct 06, 2020
Conversation expert: Interpreting Graphic Info.

Carson is a PhD student in the department of geosciences at Boise State University. Her research focuses on developing effective risk and natural hazard communication strategies as well as uncovering what motivates people to prepare. She is also the co-founder and community engagement coordinator for the Hazard & Climate Resilience Institute (HCRI) at Boise State. In her work with the HCRI, Carson is passionate about connecting researchers, practitioners, and community members to ensure that the science we do is useful and beneficial to communities who can use it. In her free time, she likes to backpack, rock climb, cook and spend time with friends and family.

Rotary Service Project Oct 13, 2020
TBD: stay tuned!
World Polio Day: building awareness Oct 20, 2020
Bob Rodgers, Rotary Club of Sebastopol, World Community Service Chair

World Polio Day is officially Oct. 24th. We are SO CLOSE, and today, Bob Rodgers will share his personal journey with polio. We'll also get updated about the state of polio in the world. Let's keep our foot on the gas and make this the only second virus to be ELIMINATED from our planet!

No guest speaker: Club Assembly Oct 27, 2020
What's going on in our own club?
Mike Williamson, BLM Spokesperson Nov 03, 2020
Bureau of Land Management: we see their presence, but what do they do?

The BLM manages more than 245 million acres of public land located primarily in the 11 Western states and Alaska. The BLM also administers 700 million acres of sub-surface mineral estate throughout the nation. In fiscal year 2018, the diverse activities authorized on BLM-managed lands generated $105 billion in economic output across the country. This economic activity supported 471,000 jobs and contributed substantial revenue to the U.S. Treasury and state governments, mostly through royalties on minerals.

Rotary Service Project: TBD Nov 10, 2020
Lori Dicaire, Vanishing Boise Nov 17, 2020
Vanishing Boise: what does this group stand for and who would embrace YIMBY?

Lori Dicaire founded Vanishing Boise “as a direct response to the heartache we were experiencing as we watched the things that we most love about Boise disappear … to chronicle the sad and gradual disappearance of the landmarks that represent the identity of the city.”

Rotary Club Assembly Nov 24, 2020
What's going on with our club?
Matt Hanrahan, Rotarian of Boise East, Mentor Dec 01, 2020
Free2Succeed Mentoring program: how to help former inmates navigate life after prison
John Biggs, Fellow Rotarian Dec 15, 2020
History of our New Rotary Pocket Park on the Greenbelt!