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September 6, 2020
Boise Metro Rotary
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We are meeting by Zoom temporarily. Watch for a Service Project on the second Tuesday.
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This Quarter's Cause is  Everyday Leadership. We'd like to collect school and classroom supplies.
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1250 Virtual Learning Kits purchased with Everyday Leadership Program Surplus Funds
The Everyday Leadership Program had a surplus in the past school year of almost $14,000. (Part of that surplus was for Boise Metro’s adopted Elementary School -- Garfield.) This surplus was due to the Leadership Camp being cancelled and the last 4 after school sessions of last spring being cancelled due to COVID.
Since Boise Metro Rotary and Boise Sunrise Rotary were operating Everyday Leadership Program with matching District Grant Funding, it was relevant that these excess funds needed to be utilized in a manner similar to the original funding request. Otherwise, the matching funds would have to be returned to District.
There was wide acceptance of the idea to help these Title One schools by supplying "Virtual Learning Kits". Grace Jordan, Koelsch and Garfield have a combined population of 1,250 students who will benefit.
So what is a “Virtual Learning Kit”?
Kits include items used daily to improve student learning and educational outcomes. This is especially important during school closures, where home resources are limited. When schools reopen, kits will be brought back to use in person. 
Based on the surveys and talking with EL school liaisons, learning kits will include:
  • Headphones with built in microphones to participate in virtual learning at home
  • Deck of Cards
  • Crayons
  • 2 Mechanical Pencils
  • Eraser
  • Name tag that include a variety of manipulatives (primary and intermediate)
  • Set of dice
  • 3x5 cards to make flash cards
  • 1 book based on their grade level
  • Stress ball
  • Large Ziploc to hold all items
  • $15 gift card for students that attended the EL program during the 2019/2020 year
If you should have questions about Boise Metro’s engagement with Everyday Leadership or want to get involved, please contact Jeff Larsen or Mary Reiman.
As I have been reporting, the only thing left to complete the Rotary Park on the Greenbelt is the installation of the second batch of bricks. It seems our original contractor has abandoned our project. Thanks to Kelly at Parks and Rec. for arranging for Cutting Edge Landscapers to take over and finish it! They have scheduled the work for Sept 12 or 14th. And, the city is going to cover any additional cost!  So we're almost there! Then we plan for a Grand Opening!
It was a hot day for sure, but we cleaned up our section of Greenbelt on Saturday. John, Charlene, Dave and his daughter and granddaughter. Charlene was the smart one of the group - she brought her grabber. It took us about 1.5 hours and we ended up with a fair amount of trash. We'll do it again on October 3rd. Lots of people speeding by yelled "Thank You"!
Assuming all the ideas that were listed are procured, we're all set. The only idea remaining is the RV rental coupon. In mid-September, we'll be asked to deliver our items somewhere - probably a Sunrise Rotarian's home. That's all we have to do until the auction itself at the end of October. Of course, any new ideas for fun auction items can added!
Boise City Parks and Rec is producing a monthly newsletter specifically for Greenbelt Volunteers. The current issue gives a shout out to our club for adopting a section of the path. Since the department doesn't have the capability for now to send this to all of us as volunteers, I'm sharing it here: documents/en-ca/52aa4e19-647d-4813-904a-a4032b6b89e1/1
Thanks to Liz Hall and Fred Devlin for their presentation about the Greater Boise Rotary Foundation (GBRF). We should add this organization to our list of Rotary related giving opportunities. The foundation has a corpus of about $900k and typically gives about $40k per year in grants to Ada County non-profits. They contributed $7k to our Greenbelt project! Like the Rotary Foundations' Paul Harris Award, GBRF gives a Bob Gibb Award to folks who contribute $1,000, over time. Each Rotary Club in the county has a representative who serves on the Allocation Committee. Bret V. is our current rep and he'll be the Foundation President next year. 
We have a supply of Greenbelt T-Shirts and Rotary hats available for any member who wants one - no cost to you! Just let me know what you want and I will mail it to you.
Here's what we have:
T-Shirts Gray or Blue
  • Ladies Small Gray -1
  • Ladies Medium Gray -2
  • Ladies Medium Blue - 4
  • Ladies Large Blue - 1
  • Men's Large Blue - 1
  • Men's Extra Large Gray -1
  • Men's Extra Large Blue - 1
Hats - Tan, Dark Blue, or End Polio
Twenty one on the call last week......Will was MIA so Shiloh took wishes to Dave for a speedy recovery.....guests last week were Fred Devlin and Liz Hall from Eagle/Garden City Rotary and Jolene Anderson from Magnolia Rotary in Seattle.....Roger struck paydirt at Sur la Table.......Cahill gave us a rousing rendition of I Saw the Light........
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